اهداف و خط مشی

ماموریت ما :

  • تامین تجهیزات پیشرفته آزمایشگاهی و تحقیقاتی از بهترین برند های دنیا که به واسطه تاثیرگذاری آن در فرایند های کنترل کیفی، تحقیق توسعه و تحقیقاتی در سرتاسر ایران موجب پیشرفت سطح بهداشت ، سلامت ، تکنولوژی و دانش مردم این سرزمین گردد.


چشم انداز :

  • ایجاد بستری رو به رشد ، توام با افزودن ارزش های علمی ، خدمات منحصر به فرد و ارائه دانش فنی دقیق جهت خدمت رسانی به مراکز دانشگاهی، داروئی و پزشکی، صنایع نفت و گاز و محیطی
  • فراهم اوردن محیطی شاد و قابل اعتماد با روحیه همکاری مناسب برای فعالیت مفید تیم ارزشمند و متخصص کیمیا طیف سنج
  • رشد و گسترش کیمیا طیف سنج بمنظور خدمت گذاری بهتر و وسیع تر به همه صنایع ایران با حفظ عامل قیمتی مناسب

Our Mission

To provide a state-of-the-art analytical Instrument service to aid the development of safe and affordable drugs, food and technical solutions as well an improved understanding of scientific aspects that can be to the benefit of mankind

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to build a growing, state-of-the-art, analytical contract laboratory by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations for scientific value, service, technical execution, quality and compliance
  • For our employees, being the backbone of our organization, our vision is to provide a working environment where they are stimulated to apply their expertise to delivering high quality work at time
  • For our stakeholders, we are committed to being an adaptable, growing organization that is dedicated to produce sustainable profitability while remaining a preferred cost effective option for our customers

Scientific Excellence

  • Our team of scientists with diverse backgrounds work together to offer correct solutions to complex problems. We have found a combination of laboratory and industrial experts that provides meaningful interpretations in scientific studies


  • We supply instrumentation to allow for the best performance and ensure reliable results. Our instrumentation is maintained and calibrated regularly by trained professionals

Focus on Quality

  • Our facility is GMP certified. We strive to be a continually improving organization delivering reliable and timely scientific solutions in pursuit of total customer satisfaction

Honest Communication

  •  At NanoAbzar we engage in open, honest and transparent communication. We seek long term relationships with every client and we believe that open and honest communication is essential for this to be achieved

Customer Service

  • Our scientists ask the right questions, listen to our clients and provide practical solutions. Results are provided in a time frame consistent with customer requirements, including rush turnaround if needed